Featured KaymakGames - ByteBuffer 1.0.0

This is wrapper for sending data over a network. It creates packages for your and put them together into a byte array. Source code is included developed in C#



Language: C#

Project: DLL File
Source available: Yes

The ByteBuffer Project is an easy wrapper for converting a string, int, short, byte, long etc into a byte array by adding everything into a list. This enables the user to create a list with multiple information and variables together in one list and converting it into a byte array. This allows the user to use this packed byte array as a kind of package for network usage. The ByteBuffer will create packages for network use in the smallest way possible. In the following Tutorial you will see how to use the ByteBuffer system.

Add the ByteBuffer project or DLL file as reference to your project

How to use the ByteBuffer Project