Building Your Customer Email Database - How's It Coming Along?

  • The scenario is a familiar one, a business owner knows what he has to do. With the average person spending the majority of their day away from Email Database their home, the smart business owner knows that many of his customers and prospects are best reached by email. There's just one problem..his staff. They know they should be collecting email addresses. They know that many people are hard to Email Database reach because they're on the go...or they're busy juggling family and work.

    The business owner's staff also understands that they're supposed to be collecting email addresses. They've been told more than once to get Email Database addresses from every customer and prospect they work with. And yet...they don't. Why? They're uncomfortable asking for email addresses because they don't want to annoy their clients or intrude on their privacy. When email was in Email Database its infancy, many people saw their email addresses as something private and were hesitant about sharing it with everyone they did business with.

    But as email has grown into one of the most common forms of communication, people have realized that sharing their email address allows them Email Database communicate in a fashion that puts them in the driver's seat - meaning that they can delete any email they don't want to read, and respond whenever they deem fit. Staff people will be most apt to help the business owner in the building of Email Database an email database if they realize that they are actually helping their customers by opening up a form of communication that benefits the customer.