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  • Right at the beginning of the project check for technical challenges. Try to figure out if the building of the website requires new technologies or software which you and your Mexico Phone Number List co-workers never mastered before. Is there interactivity you need to program? Do you need to use a software you never touched before Mexico Phone Number List Are there unusual requirements to the server or system software? Is it mandatory to build the website only on a specific server (LINUX or Windows)? Check on additional expenses for Mexico Phone Number List server environment and software licenses. Don't forget about the additional time needed when using new software.

    Forget about holding your thumb up in the Mexico Phone Number List wind to guess the scope of labor. Be serious. While talking to your client take notes of all main parts the website should contain. Detail the site's architecture down to the lowest level of the organizational hierarchy. Use an org-chart software or just pencil and paper to Mexico Phone Number List create a complete organizational chart. Group similar pages into templates with variable sets of text and image fields. Use Excel sheets for each section and template and calculate Mexico Phone Number List the complete scope of labor. Type in the hours for graphic design, web design, programming, flash, tests, server and database setup and don't forget the meetings with your client.

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